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Suzano SA, the world’s largest wood pulp maker is betting big on sustainable technology. Finnish startup Spinnova and Suzano SA are both entering a 50-50 joint venture to build a commercial-scale facility for the production of a green-fibre made from

A Global Health Crisis has swiftly transformed our wardrobes as we live and function from our couch desks. In the past 12 months, loungewear quickly emerged as the pandemic-driven category. The shift has been one to more casual and versatile

Ikshit Pande is a Nainital-born who studied in Delhi, worked in Mumbai, completed his masters’ in design further in New York, and founded QUOD, a brand that retails worldwide.  Currently, he is in QUOD’s studio in New Delhi, from where he

There is a quick suffix that follows menswear designer Kunal Rawal’s name every time he is mentioned- “redefining Indian menswear”. And it is for the right reasons. His functional, non-conformist, and pared-down approach to Indian traditional menswear has been pivotal

The Paris Haute Couture Week closed on Thursday after a slew of history-making shows, with collections presented via the flat glare of video. The collections clearly showed an infusion of new blood into couture philosophy as creatives bring their reinvigorated

All of us have binged on Netflix shows and documentaries during the lockdown for hours on end. So did Rahul Mishra, except that for him, it culminated in a couture collection. Sir David Attenborough’s A Life on Our Planet was

Being an entrepreneur can feel like jumping into the wild unknown, especially if you are fresh out of the education system. Fashion entrepreneurship is difficult enough to get off the ground, let alone sustain along the journey if you have

There’s more reason than one to look forward to this year. Perhaps we’ll finally get to travel. Perhaps we will finally wear our heels outside the living room. Perhaps, we may even be able to wear lipsticks and show it

‘Circular Fashion’ is rapidly becoming a buzzword in the fashion industry, especially when it comes to sustainability. The fashion industry has been consciously moving towards a sustainable future, but the process is slow. It isn’t easy to erase years and

We all seem to be at the edge of our seats trying to make conscious decisions about our clothing, food, makeup and straws. And we really are making a difference, brands and consumers alike are making a very conscious effort