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4 Best Fashion Branding Agencies to Help You Elevate Your Brand 

By the time you’re looking up “Best fashion branding agencies in India”, chances are you’re already quite far along in planning your fashion business. Starting a business in fashion is no small task. You only truly realise the actual scope of work once you’re completely in the middle of it. And with all the million things you need to get done, outsourcing some of it to agencies, that really know what they’re doing, can be a huge load off your back.

Fashion branding is one of those things that can make or break your business, so picking an agency that is perfectly suited to your requirements, is paramount. 

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The 4 Best Fashion Branding Agencies 

Best Fashion Branding Agencies by

1. AM branding

AM Branding is an end-to-end boutique branding and creative agency based in New Delhi, India. They seem to give a lot of importance to the story of a brand, and what led to the rise and establishment of a brand. They build bold brand identities with a full suite of services, hence, they end up on the best fashion branding agencies list. 

Services They Offer

Art Direction
Involves overlooking the visual style & imagery for a project. Developing concepts, imagery, layouts & more.

Social Media Management
Creating a distinct visual language for the brand. Translate a brand’s vision onto social media.

This is where the agency really does what they are best at. They strongly believe in authentic branding that lays the foundation of each one of their brands.

Who doesn’t love a beautifully packaged product? The agency helps brands create packaging that appeal to them as well as their target audience.

Brand Consultancy
The agency’s creative consultation sessions help streamline thoughts & play to the strengths of the brand.

Website Management
The agency offers a creatively designed website front end, along with a powerful and easy to use backend.

Some Notable Clients Include:

Arpita Mehta, Jayanti Reddy, Anushree Reddy, Kunal Rawal, Lara Morakhia, Saaksha & Kinni & more.

Best Fashion Branding Agencies by

2. Creative Co.

Creative Co. is a boutique brand communications agency that services lifestyle and luxury brands for all their Marketing, Collaboration, Public Relation, Event and Digital Marketing requirements. They provide a one-stop-shop solution for premium and luxury brands looking to promote themselves and thrive in the Indian market. They have an impressive brand portfolio that speaks for itself.

Services They Offer

Brand Management
From direction to collaboration, they facilitate brand strategy with effective use of marketing tools, coupled with their extensive experience.

Public Relations
They implement powerful and proactive media relations efforts, and a comprehensive range of integrated marketing services to meet the unique needs of every client.

Event Management
From creative concepts and planning to production and execution, they ensure all event deliverables are met within timeframes and budgets.

Social Media Marketing
They develop, execute and manage multi-faceted social media campaigns enhancing visibility for brands, and building connections with audiences.

Some Notable Clients Include:

Gucci, Tresmode, Kenzo X H&M, Hermes, Christian Louboutin, Forest Essentials, Lancome and many more. 

Best Fashion Branding Agencies by

3. Mint + Milk 

Mint + Milk pride themselves on the fresh insights that help them step outside the box and avoid the bandwagon.  They work towards creating unique plans and concepts that align seamlessly with the brand’s vision. They focus on setting, achieving and routinely surpassing their goals.

Services They Offer

Strategic Media Relations & Public Relations

They devise an exhaustive strategy to help brands be seen and heard by the right people, including introductions to key members of the press, garnering large-format editorial stories, product placements and everything in between.

Brand Launches
They cover all the tangible and intangible components that go into launching a brand from scratch. 

They focus on all that’s required to make a brand’s event an experience worth remembering. 

Spokesperson Management & Media Training
Once the face for your product or service is finalised, the agency will lay a comprehensive groundwork for navigating media interactions.

Press Kit Development
The agency helps capture the essence of a brand in an all-inclusive docket with their insight-driven guidelines and pool of resources on optimal image and information research.

Influencer Marketing & Collaborations
They help brands discover the right voices and leverage their position on platforms that correspond to the brand philosophy.

Strategy and Partnerships
They offer a full spectrum of strategic counsel and support, including brand awareness, visibility and recall.

Some Notable Clients Include:

Melange, Jean-Claude Biguine, Nikhil Thampi, Arpita Mehta, Agami, Code Beauty and more. 

Fashion Branding Agencies by

4. TCT Strategic Branding 

TCT Strategic Branding has an approach to design that takes inspiration from real people and has its ultimate goal in the clarification of purpose and meaning. By better understanding whom they are working for, they create experiences of real value. They believe that empathy is a key to unlock consumer insights and its potential to open up real-time problems for the brand, be it visibility, sales, scalability, reshaping it or just growing the recall value. Once understood, shaping the right strategies or coming up with a working design solution is what allows them to sharpen their work and experience. As an agency, they work for an array of clients, hence have great experience across the board. 

Services They Offer

The agency helps a brand establish a personality, concept, positioning, digital communication strategy and more. 

Interactive Storytelling
They dive into conceptualization, content creation and creative visualization to help create convincing and compelling content targeted to the correct audiences. 

Brand Identity
They help develop all the necessary components of a brand identity, including logo design, brand architecture, packaging design, brand communication and other digital assets. 

Brand Management
They provide management and upkeep of all branded spaces & environments, social media management, websites & microsites, retail/pos experience, print advertising, mobile apps

Notable Clients Include: 

TCT Strategic Branding may not have worked with as many clients in the fashion industry, but the reason they are in the best fashion branding agencies list is that they worked on a large project where they undertook identity Design and branding for various labels under The HOUSE of ANITA DONGRE.