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Judging a Product by its Packaging: Why Packaging is Important for Building Your Brand

You might not be a believer in judging a book by its cover, but in retail, product packaging makes a lasting first impression on customers. Consider your brand packaging an extension of your brand, almost as important as its logo. Over time, with the increased digital presence of fashion and beauty brands across the world, it has become all the more important to make the IRL experience of the product memorable, and of course, Instagrammable. 

Brand Communication

Brand packaging is inextricably tied to the image and identity of your brand, contributing to the larger brand experience. In that sense, the way you package your products becomes an effective tool to distinguish your brand as it becomes an identification tool over time, depending on how unique it is. Hence, it is important that it communicates and aligns with the overall ethos and philosophy of the brand. If you are a fashion brand, you can also treat brand packaging as a means of showcasing the craftsmanship of the brand. 

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Forest Essentials

Sustainability is also a key aspect in conceptualizing the packaging as it will instantly convey that your brand is in line with not only high-end design but is also environment-friendly. Reusable packaging is an ideal example that allows you to check all boxes at once- sustainability, familiarity, and effective marketing. Forest Essentials recently turned to recyclable PET and glass containers for their products which, in turn, also caused a substantial degree of social media stir as more and more people posted about it. The brand has also incentivized recycling Forest Essentials containers by offering a free product in exchange for 5 empty PET jars. 

The brand packaging also acts as a communicator of quality and attention to detail. In this age of hyper digitalism, it is all the more important to excel in the physical touchpoints and IRL experience of the brand. 

Marketing potential



Efficient brand marketing is all about creating a space not only in people’s social media feeds but also in their psyche. Brand packaging, a potential marketing tool, is no different. Simply put, it is an advert for your brand that you aren’t separately paying for. It serves as a subliminal trigger, a part of your brand’s storytelling, and establishes a sense of recognition with your brand identity; all objectives of marketing strategies for brands across different categories. 


A simple brown card box just won’t cut it when it comes to meeting the demands of the modern consumer. While you work on product development, branding, and marketing, don’t forget to devote as much time and energy to packaging as well. Whether it is online or in-store, good packaging is the first step to creating a physical brand experience for the customer. 

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If done right, attractive brand packaging will make your customers want to post unboxing videos on their social media platforms, thus helping you generate user content. 

For example, luxury brands like Chanel and Cartier have been able to enhance their social media reach organically by upgrading their packaging to be contemporary and relevant, yet in line with the brand’s place in today’s pop culture. This elevates the emotional appeal of your brand and evokes a sense of desire in the customer for the product. 

Indicator of quality of the products

This applies especially if you are selling luxury products as brand packaging becomes an important part of the whole product experience. It is a direct indicator of the quality of the products and is definitely an expectation on the customer’s part if they are paying a hefty amount for it. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, it should also check all the boxes of function and utility. It is also important to remember the consumer of the product, the surroundings you are selling in, the price point of your products, etc. when designing brand packaging.

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In the age of online shopping, it is even more important for you to attempt to bring the experience of the physical store to the customer. Leave no stone unturned in ensuring that not only are the products presented and packed safely but that they also make the customer want to come back to your brand for more. 

Invoking a sense of desire for the brand 

Last but definitely not least, even if someone hasn’t bought from your brand, looking at your brand packaging should make them feel instantly attracted to your brand. Packaging that has distinctive design and quality can make even an ordinary product feel like a luxury one. This way, the way you package and present your products becomes a tool in drawing in new potential customers to your brand.